I created this blog to keep the people I love up to date on my life. I will try to update it weekly! If that doesn't happen remember that I am busy and will do the best I can!

Friday, August 24, 2012


Chatté (pronounced shuh-tae)
A very loving cat with few true loyalties. Not quick to trust and easily offended there were only ever three people she ever really loved.
One was the man who for 17 years filled her food bowl, cleaned her litter box and was always good for a good scratch behind the ears, but no more than that.
One was her friend, Lauri, who never kicked her off the bed, or complained when great tufts of hair would stick to everything. Who bought her toys and loved her dearly. A person Chatté trusted so completely she would often go upside down, swing her around or hug her tightly to her chest, always resulting in deep purring. Many years ago when we made Christmas stockings for everyone, Lauri insisted on making one for Chatté as well.
When Lauri moved out to go to college Chatté hid outside and didn't let a living soul see her for weeks, upset that her person had left her behind. We all assumed she had ran away for good, but after bribes of canned soft food and catnip filled toys she came into the house, but mistrusted everyone. When Lauri came home for summer breaks a few times over the years Chatté would show how mad she was at Lauri by sitting just out of reach, and glaring. And let me tell you, that cat could glare. But she loved Lauri too much to stay mad forever, by the end of Lauri's stay Chatté would always be sitting in her lap, snoring happily.
When, last year, Lauri moved back home for a time, this time with new husband Chatté was not pleased. She peed in the shoes of the one who would steal her person. Sensing somehow that Lauri's loyalties had shifted from her to this strange new man.

The third person Chatté ever truly loved was me. Sister of her person, she had known me since I was a small child, and she a playful young kitten. In the beginning we were afraid of each other, neither knowing how to play with the other. For as long as Lauri lived in the house, she had no time for other humans. Though she wouldn't run away from me as she did my mother (who is self proclaimed not to really be a cat person) but Chatté never asked me for attention, never sought out my company. Not until after Lauri left.
With her person gone Chatté became lonely and though a misanthrope she still craved attention. Soon we became friends, and then more. She would sleep on my bed, shed on my clothes and I even was able to hold her upside-down. We were never as close as Lauri and Chatté, I had another cat, Mandy to share my love and no one can replace your first love. Chatté had such personality, as such cannot be put into words, she was always playful and had a permanent look of judgement on her face. A look of judgement which very few knew was also a look of love. A long haired cat with a slightly flat face she always maintained a kitten like countenance.  Chatté's most recognizable feature was her peculiar meow. Loud and long with lots of vibrato, those who heard it for the first time were unsure of where it came from. Both Lauri and I were quite adept at mimicking the sound and would hold long conversations with Chatté, meowing back and forth.
It could not be said that Chatté was a brave cat, her list of fears included balloons, vacuums, people, dogs, loud noises, sudden moments and on at least one occasion, a squirrel. But Chatté was a good cat, one my sister and I will remember for the rest of our lives. The animal that both of us has known the longest.
Chatt's "judgment face" as I called it
Lauri moved away for good a few months back, and I also moved out of the house. With a dog, two other cats and no one really to love, and the arthritis, matted fur and lack of agility that being an old cat can bring I tell myself that Chatté is better off. I was fearing having to put her down rather than letting her suffer into senility.
Earlier this evening Chatté was struck and killed by a car. When I was younger my dad told me that when pets left us, they went to pet heaven.  I always imagined it to be a glorious place full of fields of mice, warm fireplaces, and groves of cat nip.  On nice spring day, just before sun down. A field full of butterflies to chase and lots of places among the weeds to hide. Long beams of sunlight shining down, ready to be bathed in by our furry companions.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Today is the first day, of the rest of my life.

I haven't blogged in a long long time, but mostly because nothing much was going on with my life. I've living at home, working at the Smart Style salon inside the Walmart by my house. getting a bit over minimum wage, and pretty much just existing. But I don't want to just be. I want to excel. I want to live life and love every second of it.
I've lived back in Richland for just over two years since graduating hair school. My plan was to move straight to Seattle, but that didn't happen.
Yesterday I got a call from someone I haven't talked to in years. My high school friend Roman. He is living in Seattle, taking a break from art school, doing free lance art work for various people. Living in a crappy apartment and barely making rent each month. I woke up this morning and realized that that is exactly what I need to be doing. Roman does what he wants, when he wants. He is on his own with no safety net. Next month him and Molly are going to go to Paris and live for a month. Just for the hell of it. Neither of them speak french. After this trip they will both be beyond broke. But they will be excelling at life.
I don't want to be stuck in the tri-cities for any longer than I have to. I don't want to live, safe and warm, but utterly boring in my parents basement. I don't want to go to a job every day that I only enjoy 20% of the time.

I vow, here and now to the internet and whoever reads this blog that by my birthday next year, March 30th, 2012 I will be living in Seattle.

I want to find a job that can take me places, where I feel my skill is not only expected, but appreciated. Where no one grumbles about the price of foils, where making money is not the main objective of it, rather the goal is to make a positive influence upon the lives of those who enter the doors by way of showing them their inner beauty via hair. I want to live in a town which doesn't boast as one of the biggest events a rodeo or Cowboy Poetry reading. A town where I am not listed as one of the weirdest of residents.
I need to be around people not necessarily closer to my own age, but people who are at a similar place in their lives. I've done with school and want to be around grown ups who pay rent, buy groceries and have bigger concerns than mid-terms and essays.

From now on, the only money I will spend will be the tips I receive. 100% of my pay checks will go to paying off student loans, and saving.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Dictionary of Sorts

These are some words that I use on a regular basis which you may or may not know.

The Cheesiest: slang; excellent - of the highest quality.
a person or thing that is wonderful, great or marvelous
synonyms: "the bomb", "the bees knees"

Kitty Width: n; unit of measurement equal to the amount a door must be opened as to allow for a cat to come and go freely.
Note; two kitty widths can refer to Kitty Width times two, or the amount needed for two cats to pass through a door

Cookie: n; an infant or very young human.
synonyms: baby, toddler, tot, newborn, babe, child
From the phrase "bun in the oven"
(a cookie is cuter than a loaf of bread, so cookie is used in it's place as they are both baked goods)

Memis: n; substance that helps cure, alleviate illness. Medicine. Usually refers to non-prescription over the counter drugs. A term usually used by small children

Nubbie: n; the yarn tassels on a handmade tied quilt resulting from tying the layers of a quilt or comforter together with yarn knots and leaving tails
Can be used to pacify small children when they rub the nubbies between their fingers

Pig-face: n; an insult for friends
Because really the only person who should take real offense at this is Penelope)

Kitten Tears: n; the ultimate solution to any difficult problem or situation.
Particularly effective in warding off and defending against zombies

The Wizard: n; the keeper and maker of all kitten tears

Your Face: slang; the ultimate comeback to anything and everything.
eg. "That's lame" "your face is lame" or "I can do a back flip" "Your face can do a back flip"
also "your mom's face" or "Harry Potters face"

Doosky: n; a planed gathering of friends unrelated to anything specific

Door Knob: n; something so random or unexplainable that it doesn't even not make sense. Beyond comprehension or explanation.

Plork: v; the action between two people of interlocking the pointer and middle fingers in a pointer middle middle pointer pattern and applying pressure and pulling apart resulting in a satisfying noise similar to the sound of snapping.
Used in greeting or bidding farewell to a friend similarly to a handshake.

Icetimpy: n; An independent nation with no contact with the outside world, it lays between North America and Europe in which the time zone is neither here nor there with no rhyme or reason. The country is shaped roughly like a puppy and is completely covered in ice.

-licious: suffix; added to nouns, verbs or adjectives to form a more intense word, adding emphasis. Also may be added to words to make them longer and sound more impressive.
Similar to the suffixes -tastic or -tacular
Instead of "that movie was way very truly indeed beyond a doubt ridiculous" try "...was ridiculicious" or "I genuinely way to gag ever time I see you" one might say"You are gagalicious" Changes the noun kilt, meaning a short, pleated skirt worn by men in the Scottish Highlands to the adjective kiltalicious, meaning having the qualities of one who wears a kilt (sexy accent and good calves)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I leave for Vegas tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn. My plane leaves from Spokane at 6 am.

I'm printing off 30 resumes and a bunch of business cards.

still have to pack

should probably get started with that soon

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I I found what Heaven smells like.

I was at Wal*Mart sniffing the four new scents of Axe . . . OH MY HOLY HANNA!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What I've been doing...

Black & White Stripe earrings

Two different bracelets

Flamingo earrings

My favorite of the bunch, black and white star earrings, I'm working on a matching necklace right now.

I have lots of other colors, I just like black the best. If you would like to buy any just let me know, either the pieces shown or custom made.
Don't know how much, but getting a custom piece made wouldn't cost more... Around $8-$15 ? IDK

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A tad late...

It's been over a week since my last post, sorry about that. The real shame is that it wasn't that I was too busy too write, wasn't that my mind was too preoccupied too write, wasn't that I was relishing in having nothing to do to write... I just didn't.

I suppose there isn't much to say even since my last post. Still haven't found a job, been playing phone tag with Master Cuts for almost a week now. There are 30 days until Beacon.

I just booked my Hotel and looking into flights.

But there is one exciting thing that happened!
One of my best friends from high school, Lance Kindle came to visit me yesterday. If you know much about my past then you will undoubtedly know that him and I had a huge falling out and before last month hadn't talked in over a year and a half. But I decided to put it all behind me, I learned from the experience and am stronger for it.
It was sooo good seeing him again, I had forgotten how well the two of us get along. I didn't realize how much I missed him until I saw him again yesterday. We have been texting back and forth for around a month now and it all just makes me incredibly happy. =D

Which is just what I needed because I'm in a sort of limbo right now, done with school and finished with that part of life, but I haven't started the next part yet... I'm just kind of waiting around for Beacon. Sitting around at home with not much to do, with no one my age back from school yet, life was drab.
But last night I fell asleep smiling and I am actually looking forward to the near future!!

Tomorrow we are going to have a Star Wars marathon! All six episodes in two installments. 7 hours tomorrow evening from 5:30-midnight-thirty and then 7 1/2 hours on Saturday, not sure the time for that one yet, I think we'll wait and see how we are feeling after the first three and decide how much sleep we need before the rest.
We're going to watch them in the order they came out; IV, V, VI on Friday then I, II, III on Saturday.
I have been wanting, no needing to have this marathon since the credits of the midnight showing of episode III, years ago! But no one seemed to want to do such a thing, I don't know why. Who WOULDN'T want to see 14 1/2 hours of Star Wars!??!?!?!

So tomorrow will be filled with caramel corn making, room cleaning and epic movie watching!